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Plant CAD

3D CAD for Plant Layout Design: Power, Chemical, Water/Gas Treatment Plant

L-PIPING, piping automated design program, is an innovative solution for automating the entire process related to piping design, from welding map creation to spool loading simulation analysis.
The procedure of the application use: 1) Welding map 2) Spooling (Spooler) 3) ISO and BOM calculation 4) Spool loading simulation

Welding Map
ISO Drawing & Spool Drawing

Data Consistency Check

  • 3D Data Consistency Check
  • Database Reference Check
  • Referece Data(SPEC/UDA/COCO) Consistency Check

Line Data Management

  • ISO Tagging from Excel Data Sheet
  • Session Check for Revision Information
  • Revision Status Check for Whole Project

BOM File Creation

  • Data File Creation with Multiple File Extension
  • Data File Creation for the Summarized BOM
  • Data File Creation for Weld/Spool list