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Mechanical CAD

3D CAD for Mechanical Product Design: On/Offshore Plant, Automobile, Aerospace Industry
Development services utilizing the Mechanical CAD API module
Autodesk INVENTOR, Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS

We provide customized mechanical CAD application software including realization and simulation of high-quality 3D models of parts and assemblies and 2D drawing automation. Furthermore, we serve the integrated CAD-CAM package solutions for simulation and automation of manufacturing.

  • Simplification

    Providing an intuitive user interface and efficient tools, even beginners can use them easily and quickly

  • Automation

    Automated of 2D drawings for production saves time from repetitive tasks and reduces the risk of errors in the design process.

  • Customization

    By generating user-defined rules that meet the specific requirements of the designer, it is possible for the designer to manage multiple options quickly and efficiently.

  • Parameter

    Reduce modeling time for all products by designing only one model using parameters for complex and varied products.

  • Simulation

    Using 3D CAD data, you can validate your design in virtual space to see if it satisfies your product requirements and performance conditions.

  • API utilization

    Using APIs, it is possible to generate and automate models and drawings. As well as apply detailed customer requirements beyond the basic functions.