Business Development
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  • We handle various electrical equipment installed for the purpose of power supply and electrical control within plants.
  • We prioritize safe operation and energy efficiency in our design, and provide our customers with high-quality electrical equipment.
Product lineup includes diesel generators, transformers, electric motors, control/protection panels, cables, and more.
Handling Items Item Description
Diesel Generator A device that combines a diesel engine and a generator to provide power supply for independent power plants or areas without access to the grid.
Transformer An essential device in electrical systems that converts voltage and minimizes power loss, providing a stable operating voltage.
Electric Motor A device that generates rotational motion to drive mechanical machinery and performs the role of controlling rotation speed, direction, torque, and other factors through electrical signals, contributing to process control.
Control/Protection Panel A device responsible for collecting data, transmitting control signals, and protecting equipment in case of abnormal signals. It plays a crucial role in maintaining stable operation and productivity within the plant.
Cable A device installed for the purpose of transmitting power, communication, control, and instrumentation signals within the plant.