Business Development
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  • LEEBRIDGE offers tailored solutions for regulatory requirements for target countries and products, and works closely with overseas government agencies and certification bodies to provide appropriate support from experts.
  • We support the acquisition of overseas standard certifications that can lower the technical barriers of products through certification.
  • NDK Manufacturer Certification for Turkey
    • Manufacturers of safety-related components for the nuclear industry that are to be used in Turkish nuclear power plants must obtain the NDK manufacturer approval. The regulatory body responsible for this approval is the NDK (Nükleer Düzenleme Kurumu) in Turkey.
    • NDK is usually described as Nuclear Manufacturer Approval. The Turkish certification for nuclear equipment manufacturers was introduced in 2015 and the first approvals were granted. Approval is usually required at the procurement stage, which means that getting approval as early as possible is critical.
  • Our service provides customers with support for overseas market entry through certification from accredited manufacturing companies and consulting services to improve their internal quality management systems for overseas market expansion. Ultimately, we help strengthen their capabilities by supporting the certification process and providing consultation on quality management. By obtaining overseas standard certifications, our customers are recognized for their safety and reliability, enhancing their corporate image and securing the trust of their customers. This, in turn, contributes to the expansion of global sales based on the trust in the quality of their products.
    • Rosatom Register is the certification system within the Rosatom Group, a Russian state-owned nuclear energy corporation, aimed at managing and expanding the nuclear industry system. It encompasses various activities such as nuclear fuel production, construction of nuclear power plants and equipment, nuclear fuel processing and management. The certification provided by Rosatom Register not only ensures transparency in diverse nuclear activities but also incorporates advantage in business opportunities and bidding processes within Rosatom projects. It serves as a vital component in maintaining and developing the nuclear industry ecosystem, offering valuable information to stakeholders associated with Rosatom.