Business Development
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  • We handle various essential machinery and equipment necessary for smooth operation of processes inside the plant.
  • We provide customers with high-quality machinery and equipment produced by specialized companies with advanced technology and expertise, following strict quality control procedures.
Product lineup includes pressure vessels, heat exchangers, dampers, pumps, and rupture discs.
Handling Items Item Description
Pressure Vessel A device designed to store and handle gases or liquids with internal pressure.
It also improves heat efficiency by controlling and exchanging the temperature of the
fluids or gases within the vessel.
Dampers Control devices that regulate and block airflow, temperature, and humidity to optimize energy efficiency and system performance.
Pump A device that plays a role in supplying pressure to transport fluids and gases, ensuring smooth operation of equipment or systems, and enhancing process efficiency and productivity.
Rupture Disc Installed in pressure vessels and piping systems, this device protects them by relieving excess pressure to a safe location when the pressure exceeds the designated safety limit or regulatory limit.