Business Development
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  • We handle parts and equipment necessary for constructing pipelines in industrial facilities or plants.
  • We provide our customers with strict compliance with specifications for each part, based on safety and reliability, tailored to meet their demands.
Product lineup includes pipes/tubing, fittings, pipe supports, spring hangers, snubbers, flexible connectors, and more.
Handling Items Item Description
Pipe / Piping / Fittings Devices composed of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc., used within a plant to control fluids and gases, including their supply, transportation, distribution, and mixing. These devices are designed to regulate fluid flow.
Pipe Supports Devices that securely support the movement caused by fluid flow within a piping system, ensuring stability.
Spring Hangers / Snubbers Devices that effectively absorb shocks and vibrations caused by movement within a piping system, preventing deformation or damage and maintaining the stability and performance of the piping system.
Expansion Joints Products used in plant piping systems to prevent thermal expansion, contraction, and vibrations that occur during operation. Their purpose is to mitigate potential damage and ensure the integrity of the system.