Business Development
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B2B Matching
  • We support the connection and growth of domestic and overseas customers and suppliers, creating new value by linking customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • We determine target markets and products through market research and company matching.
  • We create company profiles and consider the alignment of customer needs and supplier capabilities through advanced matching algorithms.
  • We discover new business opportunities and form partnerships.
  • We provide contract adjustment and customer support services through the review of transaction terms, contracts, and necessary documents.
  • We satisfy the requirements of both buyers and sellers and provide optimal solutions for problem-solving.
Market Research

LEEBRIDGE provides essential information for companies to secure competitiveness and facilitate effective management activities through its expertise in industry-specific knowledge and local professionals. By conducting market research and investigating market characteristics, local policies, and key players, LEEBRIDGE offers services aimed at establishing a strong foothold for companies' overseas expansion and enhancing their competitiveness.